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Improve the employee experience across your organization​

How you benefit from an improved employee experience

Create high-performing teams

Engaged team members work better together. On average, a 10% increase in engagement leads to a 4% productivity uptake.

Retain your talent

Engaging your workforce leads to lower absenteeism and employee churn. Replacing an employee can cost you up to 2 times the annual salary.

Prevent burn-out

Frequently listening to your employees is crucial to identify risk of burn-out. Using the right tools helps to focus your effort.

Build an excellent employer brand

Just like happy customers build your product brand, engaged employees are advocates for you as an employer.

How Sparble helps your teams

With Sparble, employees reflect frequently on their individual experience at work and manage their personal action plan.​ Based on what works well and what could go better, they align with their team on how to improve.

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How Sparble makes better people managers

Often, team leaders focus on content and process. Sparble helps them to have quality, people-oriented discussions.They improve their people skills and can identify training opportunities for themselves and their team.

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How Sparble supports your organization

Sparble helps you to understand what is living in your organization and how it changes over time.​ This enables you to make better informed decisions and focus your people efforts effectively.

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How Sparble facilitates change

A key aspect of change management is understanding and acting on how people experience the change trajectory. Sparble helps to get everyone on board and intervene where needed.

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