Sparble builds on decades of scientific knowledge

Correct measurement

Understanding what lives in your organization, requires asking the right questions and using adequate measurement scales. Also, engagement expectations differ per individual. This is why Sparble focuses on individual trends across the weekly pulse checks.

Profound interpretation

Thanks to real-time statistical analysis, Sparble highlights fluctuations that matter. Linking engagement levels to specific events at work lets Sparble pinpoint what is really driving your people’s experience.

Proven advice

Sparble’s suggestions for your personal action plan and for the team are based on scientific research. They have been developed together with organizational psychologists and have been proven to work.

Sparble partners with The VIGOR Unit

The VIGOR Unit is a Ghent University spin-off founded by prof. dr. Frederik Anseel and Cédric Velghe. They focus on understanding, predicting and changing people’s behavior at work. The goal is to support executives and policy-makers in evidence-based decision-making through collection, analysis and synthesis of scientific knowledge and field data.