Sparble helps your
employees to improve their individual
team leaders to improve their team's
HR teams to improve your workforce's
experience at work

As an employee, improve your individual experience at work

Reflect on your own engagement​

Take two minutes per week to indicate how engaged you are and pinpoint what you liked and disliked at work. This allows you to be more aware about your engagement drivers and stress factors.

Take action to improve your engagement​

Based on your input, you receive personalized tips to tackle negative experiences. Manage your personal action plan and get reminded on your actions.

As a team leader, improve your team’s experience at work

See what is living in your team​

Learn which events have impacted your team positively and negatively. Use the dashboard with action suggestions as a basis for discussion during your team meetings. Ask custom questions through the app to capture additional input from your team.

Act fast when engagement changes​

Sparble sends an email when your team’s engagement changes significantly. Share the good news when it is positive. When negative, use the action suggestions from Sparble to address the underlying concerns and reverse the trend.

As an HR team, improve your workforce's experience at work

Gain insights across your organization

Slice and dice the collected data and see how different parts of your organization are doing. Help teams understand the drivers of their engagement and share best practices across teams.

Take action on company-wide concerns

Understand what the core drivers of engagement are across the entire organization. Capture input from managers to take action on broader concerns. Follow up on the impact of organization-wide initiatives.

From SMEs to Enterprises

  • High security and data protection standards
  • Org structure management tool
  • Automated synchronization of org structure
  • Dedicated VPS on request
  • 24/7 support on request
  • Data analysis with other KPIs on request

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Product features

Any device

Sparble is available on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Personal action plan

Every employee has his/her individual action plan to improve his/her experience at work, based on advice from Sparble as well as own input.

Team plan

Team members can see actions defined by their manager to take on as a team to improve their experience at work.


Give a colleague a compliment, thank him or congratulate him through the application. This peer-to-peer recognition boosts engagement.

Manager guidelines

Teams are guided during the people discussion in team meetings on how to have a constructive and open discussion.

Project teams

Member of separate teams? Each team coach has a dashboard of each of the teams he/she is leading.

Real-time alerts

When there is a significant drop or increase in the team’s engagement, the team leader receives a tailored mail alert.

Org diagnostic

Perform data analysis across any segment and organizational overview, including time evolution.

Action definition

Team actions are easily defined from the team dashboard and can be made visible towards the team in their app.

Action follow-up

Capture feedback through the app on the launched action. Did it help?

Custom questionnaires

Launch your own question or survey series and benefit from the intuitive data visualization.

Org. mgt. tool

Benefit from a comprehensive visualization of the entire organization. Making changes to your org has never been this easy.


Sparble is available in most European languages. Contact us to see how Sparble can be tailored to your international organization.

Anonymity threshold

We respect different levels of transparency across companies. Define your own anonymity treshold.

PNG export

You can quickly export any view (graph, theme overview,…) to plug into your presentations.